Living off the grid is amazing, challenging, hard work and everything in between. Lasqueti is a "remote" island in that there is no car ferry only a passenger ferry that is an hour ride to French Creek on Vancouver Island. There is no major shopping (no grocery/liquor/hardware/clothing/appliance or any other convenience) on Lasqueti, only a very small cafe/bakery with a general store with a few supplies. If you want to buy anything you need to take the 1 hour passenger ferry to French Creek to purchase and then barge large ticket items over.

My husband and I bought our 10 acres 11 years ago. It was raw land and we did everything by hand, by ourselves. From clearing the land to build to setting up our solar array/battery bank for power, our rain water collection/storage for all our water needs (we do not have a well or any other source of power) and every year we need to cut down trees, dry/buck/stack at least 6 cords of wood to heat our cabin, cook our food, and boil our water for drinking, bathing, dishes and more.

Here are some random photos of our life off the grid, from our very early days to now.

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